Sunday, 27 February 2011

Plant profile : Calendula

Calendula, also known as marigold, has been widely used on the skin to treat minor wounds, skin infections, burns, bee stings, sunburn, warts, and cancer.
One study in breast cancer patients receiving radiation therapy suggests that calendula ointment may be helpful in preventing skin dermatitis (irritation, redness, and pain).

The whole flower heads and petals are used for medicinal and culinary purposes.

It is used to treat conjunctivitis, eczema, yeast infections, herpes, gingivitis, ringworm, athlete's foot, varicose veins, and other minor injuries and skin problems.
Calendula is beneficial in the treatment of nappy rash and cradle cap in babies, and sore nipples in nursing mothers.
In cases of slow-healing wounds, as well as burns, eczema, hemorrhoids and dry skin, it is most effective. It is ideal in for dry, dehydrated, irritated and delicate skin as the saponins and mucilage has humectant properties.
Due to the presence of carotenoids in its chemical composition, it has great re-epithelizing properties – making it ideal for general healing, wound healing, eczemas as well as fighting the signs of aging. The presence of essential oil and salicylic acid gives it an antimicrobial and anti-oxidizing action, which results in an antiseptic action great for any infections, including acne.
In other words, it'd pretty good on your skin.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Hi again

I learned a while ago, that run of the mill store bought soap is made for profit, not with the consumer in mind. You use it, you leave it, you come back it's got my cracks than the heel of someone whose been barefoot in the fields their entire life. Well that's pretty much what it does to your skin.
I also have issues with certain chemicals. There are just some products that are too harsh for my skin to deal with. So years ago I took a course in soap making. I can make normal soap, but regular soap uses lye, an active ingredient in both hair relaxer and drain cleaner. My soap is glycerin based. I use a blend of essential oils, natural fragrances, herbs, edibles (ie honey and oats), plant extracts, butters (cocoa, shea etc) and colourants.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Welcome one and all

Hi all in soap land.
Hmm how corny was that? lol
I make soap, I sell soap, I bathe with soap. veni vidi vici perhaps?

I hope I can keep this up to date and keep you all interested. I will be back. Bear with me for the time being.


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